Michael Herbert Pfeiffer, PhD -  Imposter Physician
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Trust Me? Fake Physicians / Con Doctors - Real Stories

Some fake physicians and con doctors are now facing medical malpractice suits by patients that claim they were seen by doctors that were not licensed and/ or did not even have medical degrees. This topic is truly a scene out of the movies. In the movie "Catch Me If You Can," a sly criminal obtained a medical physician job by creating a falsified medical degree and began practicing medical on patients in a hospital. These cases are not out of a movie, but are all too real.

Michael Herbert Pfeiffer, an Imposter, a con, NOT a medical doctor! Today he is still working as a medical doctor for the US Federal Government with Veterans!

How is this continued con possible?

Michael Herbert Pfeiffer went to a private medical school in Budapest, Hungary for about 18 months (6 year program), but "did not make progress" and left. He did not go to medical school or graduate from medical school, does not have a medical degree,  but has only a PhD (research degree), in neurophysiology research (human drug research) from the Johann Mueller Institute of Physiology at the Charite Hospital, Humboldt University, in Berlin, Germany. He had
"practiced" medicine at Medstar Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC for over a year without a medical license. He continues to work as a "Medical Doctor"but, does not have a MD degree (medical doctor).

Michael Herbert Pfeiffer, the son of Dr. Rer Pol. Johann Michael Pfeiffer, the former President of the International Division, of E.On Energy Solutions,  (Stock Exchange, EOAN) headquartered in Bayreuth, Germany.  Michael H. Pfeiffer  continues to use the "Pfeiffer" family generational wealth and privilege,  social and political influence  (CDU Party) to buy a life of immunity from accountability, first in Germany and now in the USA.  Michael H. Pfeiffer, left Bavaria, Germany,  where he is known to  the USA to reinvent himself. He continues to have "protection" and  immunity".

After leaving Germany, with both wealth and connections at work, he reinvented himself as a physician. He worked in Texas, New Jersey, Maryland, Virgina and Washington, DC as a "medical doctor". Michael Herbert Pfeiffer was a resident "doctor" at Medstar Georgetown University medical Center in neurology for 4 years undetected.

Then, the Washington, DC Medical Board refused to give him a "DC medical license" when he failed to give proof of his medical school attendance and graduation in Berlin, Germany. For over a year he "practiced" medicine at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital without a medical license.  As a con, he applied for a medical license from the Virginia medical board (who assumed that he had a first license from Washington, DC). Currently he is working as a "doctor" in Washington, DC at the Veterans Affairs Hospital.

Michael Herbert Pfeiffer worked as a "Medical Doctor" in the USA
as an "Intern", "Resident", "Fellow" and/or "Physician" at:


  • Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, Washington, DC (current)
  • Medstar Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC (no medical license)
  • Children's National Medical Center, Washington, DC
  • Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC
  • National Institute of Health, Stroke Center, Washington, DC


  • Mishra & Mishra office, Springfield Virginia
  • McLean Neuroscience
  • INOVA Mount Vernon Hospital
  • INOVA McLean Hospital
  • INOVA Alexandria Hospital
  • Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, Virginia Clinics


  • Medstar Georgetown University Hospital –Maryland Clinics


  • Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
  • Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas
  • St. Lukes Hospital, Houston, Texas


  • Saint Frances Medical Center and clinics, Trenton, New Jersey

Stories of other “fake Medical Doctors” like Michael H. Pfeiffer,
practicing medicine undetected for years

Makes one think, how do I know that doctor or medical professional I am being seen by is actually accredited to practice medicine. Scary thought. These will probably not be the last time medical malpractice suits are filed against "fake" doctors. Here are a few other fake docs, who have been caught that will shock you. 

William Hamman,  a Michigan "doctor" has been fired from his job after practicing for 15 years, because he's not really a doctor. He just pretended to play one in real life. He has no medical degree, never did a residency, and had no business being in the medical business but there he worked undetected. He provided training to other medical professionals and airline pilots. He is an actual airline pilot. It's shocking to think he could get away with such a fraud for so long, but he's not the only deceiving doc out there -- and some of them are actually still seeing patients.
Fake Doctor, William Hamman,  Busted After 15 Years & He's Not the Only One

Kurt Donsbach in San Diego, pleaded guilty this week to 13 felony charges for practicing medicine without a license. He was doling out dangerous dietary supplements. 

Dr. Yousuf Masood, A New Jersey doctor, was arrested in a Medicaid-fraud scheme for paying three non-medical professionals $17 an hour to pose as doctors and see patients, while he raked in the Medicaid funds as if he was seeing them himself.

Kristina B. Ross, in Idaho posed as a doctor and started giving women breast exams in a bar!

While I'm sure cases of fake doctors like this are rare overall, it does make you wonder just how well we know these people in whose hands we put our lives. Do you check where your doctors got their degrees? Do you just trust what's online and what's hanging on their office walls or do you dig deeper? But with online and buy-a-degree aplenty, and stories like these, it's probably wise to do a little more due diligence.

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